Natural Eye Creams: The Best in Brightening, Tightening and De-Puffing

eye creams

Eye creams come in so many shapes and forms that it becomes incredibly tricky to wind up with one that suits your particular needs.

Every eye cream that you see will have some sort of firming/anti-aging/tightening/de-puffing claim, but many times what you get in the product is not what you expect based on the product description. Have you every bought an 'eye gel,' only to find out that it's creamy and not a true gel at all? Or tried a moisturizing eye cream that made your under eye skin too tight with its firming ingredients? Me too.

To help you find an eye cream that suits your preferences, here are ten fabulous natural eye products, with ACCURATE descriptions of each. (I put stars next to my absolute faves!). You can't go wrong with any, so pick one that fits your needs and budget.

Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Eye Firming Treatment

Yes to Carrots targets anti-aging with its Yes to Blueberries eye firming treatment, a lightly emollient cream rich in antioxidants. I'm most interested in pancrass flower, the cream's  superstar ingredient that is clinically proven to smooth skin and reduce fine lines and crow's feet in 28 days. Does it get any better than that for $20?


John Masters Organics Firming Eye Gel

This certified organic product is a true gel, very light and fluid. It's the most tightening of any of the natural eye products listed here and creates a wonderfully smooth feel to skin that makes it fantastic to wear under eye makeup. And it reduces inflammation in the eye area with plant extracts like aloe, spirulina, sea algae and aspen bark. $30


*Pai Echium Anti-Aging Eye Cream

The Brits get it right with this rich anti-aging eye cream and its 70% organic formula. It's loaded with stearidonic acid, a rare Omega-3 that smooths fine lines, and gamma linolenic acid, which has cell regenerative properties. Both come from the flowering echium plant. I love the soothing, creamy texture (safe for sensitive skin) when my under eye area feels parched. $42


Kiss My Face Eyewitness Eye Repair Creme

This cream is suprisingly rich for its light, fluid texture.  With 84% organic ingredients, it's excellent at fighting free radicals and preventing dryness and signs of aging. I love the tube, with a tiny tip so you can squeeze out exactly what you need. $19

kiss my face

*Tata Harper Skincare Restorative Eye Cream

With 26 active ingredients, this light cream is a powerhouse of de-puffing (arnica and buckwheat), inflammation-reducing (eyebright) and soothing (calendula, borage oil and carrot) ingredients. I love the heavenly floral scent, which is completely natural. $90

tata harper

Pangea Organics Turkish Rose & White Tea Eye Cream

This shea butter and cocoa butter cream might make it the thickest of the group, but it comes in a teensy tube so you can squeeze only a tiny drop, and each drop goes a long way. Natural ingredients like CoQ10, bilberry, ginseng and rose are known to be remarkably effective at increasing circulation and brightening the eye area. $55


Desert Essence Daily Essential De-Puffing Eye Cream

This cream is loaded with antioxidants; it's on the oilier side, great for those with dry skin. I'm not exactly a fan of the (natural) soapy scent, but it's a steal (with good, basic ingredients) for $16!

desert essence

*Goddess Garden Rejuvenating Eye Gel

This is my de-puffing pick, as the liquidy gel formula (rich in cucumber and aloe) cools on contact. Vitamin K helps to reduce dark circles while retinol works to even skin tone and find lines around the eye. And that's to say nothing of its 95% organic formula! $24

goddess garden

*100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

I love this light-to-medium moisture cream for its de-puffing abilities, courtesy of the natural caffeine in coffee beans. The caffeine also increases circulation, which improves dark circles. Those with rosacea or redness in the skin should be careful about caffeinated products, though, as they can also increase visible redness. The eye cream contains healing rosehip oil and also smells lightly toasted, almost like popcorn. A unique but lovely formula! $19


Lavera Faces Wild Rose Eyegel

Lavera calls this product a gel, though it's  more of a milky cream. It's mildly tightening (won't bother those who steer clear of tightness around the eyes) and is packed wit moisturizing ingredients that plump up the eye skin, making it perfect for dry or mature skin. $35


*Since writing this port, I've found another favorite product for the under-eye area: an oil! Check it out here.