Natural to Notice: Because Hand & Body Scrub

Because 2

On Fridays I get a burst of energy and excitement that reminds me I've made it to the end of the week- I always look forward to that feeling!

In the same spirit, I wanted to create something for you to look forward to on Fridays (besides your imminent weekend), so I'm starting the Natural to Notice column. Each Friday, I'll profile the absolute best natural product that has crossed my desk this week...a product that is worthy of your hard-earned bucks and, even more importantly, worthy of replacing another product in your beauty routine that might be risking your health long-term.

You want to enjoy every pampering moment you spend using your products, so don't get stuck wondering if they are full of toxins.  If you need help figuring out what's harmful in your cosmetic bag, look into a Beauty Is Wellness consultation. I'd love to give you the tools to safely navigate the beauty aisle.

This week's standout, Natural to Notice product is Moisture-Retaining Hand and Body Scrub by Because Skin Care. I adore the name, since 'because' is pretty much the only reason you need to buy yourself beautiful, natural products!

It speaks so highly of this product's quality that 11 of its 13 ingredients are natural, skin-nourishing moisturizers, from from classic shea butter to luxe cranberry, raspberry and black currant seed oils to Vitamin E. Granulated sugar and pineapple extract (great for exfoliation) make up the rest of the formula. The base of this scrub is not an oil, but a balm so rich that you'll want to spend a few minutes massaging it in before rinsing.

The scent is soft, but the boldness of rosemary and orange shine through. Altogether it's a scrub for all seasons and one you really won't want to share! The entire Because Skin Care line is available at the lovely Spirit Beauty Lounge.