Natural to Notice: Ituri Solid Perfume


Aren't you dying to know what's inside this gorgeous carved wood urn?  Would you ever have guessed that it holds half an ounce of intoxicating solid perfume- made with only natural botanicals? It's heaven for any fragrance lover who wants a safe scent that's as sophisticated and complex as any synthetic perfume.

Unscrew the tiny lid (each urn is about 2 inches tall), dab the creamy fragrance blend onto pulse points and take in the exotic aromas of island fruits and flowers, from ylang ylang to jasmine, champaca to sweet orange.

Each Ituri solid perfume urn is a work of art, lovely enough to make a treasured gift for a bridesmaid or a best friend- or anyone who wishes they lived on a tropical island. In addition to natural essential oils, the perfumes contain jojoba wax, coconut oil and baobab fruit seed oil. The Ituri solid perfume collection currently offers six different fragrance blends- check out to find the natural scent that suits you best!