Natural To Notice: New Makeup from Vapour Organic Beauty


My favorite natural products of the week just arrived this morning. As in, I've only been wearing them for a matter of hours. And they're incredible!

They're all part of Vapour Organic Beauty's amazing line of natural cosmetics that honestly puts conventional makeup lines to shame. The colors and textures (plus the mineral pigments and 70% organic, 30% natural ingredients) will really have you wondering why anyone would bother with toxic cosmetics.

The fall additions to the Vapour line–Multi-Use Stain, Organic Eyeliner and Plumping Gloss (that's safe enough to eat)–are some of the best products that the brand has ever produced.

The Multi-Use Stain (above) will be a favorite of anyone who loves Vapour's Siren lipstick. The new Vapour stains are super-sized versions of the lipsticks, with deeper pigments and an extra-creamy base of moisturizing plant oils. They come in Vapour's signature stick for easy application and will be available this fall in red, coral and red-brown shades.

Vapour's first eyeliner is sure to be a hit. It comes in a wooden pencil, so I feared it would be hard and difficult to blend, but not so! The inky black shade smudges into the lash line (use the sponge on the double-ended pencil) as deftly as any Chanel, thanks to beeswax and sunflower oil.

And Vapour's 100% natural, 70% organic Plumping Gloss is a solid choice as well, with food-grade ingredients safe enough to eat and color that you'll want to apply and re-apply all day. The gloss doesn't tingle like other plumping glosses (thankfully)–it just hydrates enough to give dehydrated lips a natural boost. Pout, a warm nude gloss with gold flecks, would pair especially well with Vapour's smudgy black liner this fall. Coral, sheer fuchsia, plum and golden brown shades are newly available as well.

Stay tuned for more new products from Vapour, coming this fall...