Natural to Notice: Tata Harper Skin Care


I know that I promised to pick one product–my absolute favorite product of the week– to share with you every Friday. And I tried to make good on that promise today, I really did.  But there was no way I could pick just one Tata Harper Skin Care product over another. They're all incredible!

Now, skin care is a very personal thing. It's like that old saying about trash and treasure. What works phenomenally for one woman might be absolutely wrong for another.  So I approached Tata's line, like all skin care, with skepticism...what can these products offer to all women that they aren't  getting elsewhere?

Turns out the answer is A LOT. Tata Harper Skin Care should be approached from a sensory point of view, because the the textures and the smells (oh the smells!) are not something you find every day. These are products you'll look forward to using each and every time.  You'll be amazed at the intoxicating floral scent of these products, especially since there is NO added fragrance. What you smell is the natural aroma of the dozens of flowers and herbs that are active ingredients in this line.

I've spoken with women of several different ages who are now using Tata Harper products. And the consensus is that these products seem to target all of our concerns- and bring all of our distinct skin types back into balance. I recommend giving them a try! They prove that natural can be more  elegant than any conventional skin care brand.

A few highlights:

Regenerating Cleanser: milky, but with tiny granules that provide delicate exfoliation.

Resurfacing Mask: potent yet gentle in stimulating circulation and cleansing pores. This mask leaves skin sweetly scented and glowing.

Hydrating Floral Essence: the prettiest floral water you'll find! I can't decide whether to use it as toner...or perfume!