Natural to Notice: Vivesana Sunscreen


Meet Solar to Polar Ultra, the only reason I made it through last weekend without my skin turning a lobster red hue. After two sunup-to-sundown days outdoors, I came away without even a hint of burn thanks to this natural sunscreen, with UVA/UVB protection from titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (the two safe blocks out there). Solar to Polar (SPF 40) does leave a whitish layer on skin when you first apply, but I'm amazed to say that within a few minutes it absorbs almost 100%, leaving a protective barrier of sunscreen that did not irritate my sensitive skin–and no white layer.

My skin felt very well-protected with Vivesana sunscreen, even while swimming and playing sports, and I loved using a product that I knew wouldn't disrupt hormone function or generate free radicals while it shielded me from the sun. In fact, I knew I was getting extra protection from the antioxidant green tea extract, raspberry seed oil, ginkgo biloba leaf extract and vitamin E in the formula.

Don't think that Vivesana sunscreen is going to be pushed to the back of the cabinet at the end of the summer; Solar to Polar provides wind and snow protection as well, for all of you winter athletes. And Solar to Polar Baby (SPF 42) is one of only a small number of sunscreens that are safe and gentle enough for little ones–well worth the investment at Spirit Beauty Lounge.

Here's to more well-protected days at the beach!