Natural to Notice: Whole Truth Essential Oil Bath Bars


Bar soaps, essential as they may be, typically rank on the bland side of the beauty spectrum. Unless they're brightly colored, liquefied (why do we love liquid soaps so much more than bar soaps?) or dispensed through a foam pump, soaps can be kind of a yawn.

So I thought.

Look around at natural bar soaps entering the market today and you'll find  several small brands that lovingly manufacture handcrafted bars and wrap them delicately in colorful paper. The result is a beautiful– and covetable– product, like the Essential Oil Bath Bars from Whole Truth.

Whole Truth's bars are made with natural and organic oils and butters like olive, cocoa, sunflower, avocado and coconut that keep your skin hydrated rather than parched, plus roots, berries and essential oils that impart lovely scents. And their packaging is so pretty, you'll want to collect them all.

It's clear, from the wonderful experience of using one of these natural bars, that we're not missing anything when we skip the synthetic color, fragrance and preservatives.  Check out a few more bars from this colorful collection, below. And find them for $7 each at