Nourish Deodorant Update: 2 Months In!



A decent natural deodorant formula seems to be one of the last holdouts in natural beauty. We're just asking for decent here! None of us want to apply toxic products to our very sensitive and permeable underarms, but we haven't had much choice if we wanted to feel fresh and protect our nicest clothes from smells and stains.

But I've got a new favorite that's not only natural—it's organic!

So far Soapwalla gets the most consistently rave reviews. I've also loved, at one time, Bubble & Bee, Lavanila, and In Love, which is not widely available but does work well. But none have come as close as Nourish Organic Deodorant. I first wrote about Nourish in January, and after two months of using this deodorant (and only this deodorant—no cheating!) every day, I can say it's truly the best I've tried.

This formula definitely doesn't combat nervous sweat—the kind you get while giving a speech or dealing with intense stress. Natural deodorant is no match for 'fight or flight.' But my old Dove deodorant didn't always come through at those moments either. There have been days when Nourish didn't cut it, or I needed to reapply more than once. But for day-to-day wear, at the office, the gym, and, yes, while wearing a nice top or dress on a date, I'm sticking with this formula!

You can read my original, in-depth Nourish description here.

Since I started using it, the scratchy cornstarch deposits on the top of the stick have gone away with use, so if that's bothering you, wipe them off or be patient and they will go away.

The formula goes on thicker than others I've tried, and thus seems to leave a better barrier. I love that application only involves a quick swipe (messy hands aren't the worst thing, but if I can skip them, that's a plus).

If you're still looking for your natural deodorant hero, Nourish is my product recommendation for you. You can also buy the sticks in multi-packs of 2 or 3, which gets the per stick price down to $6.79 each in a 3-pack (or $7.99 if you buy just one). I also love that it's accessible: available at Whole Foods and Ulta, and sold on with only $5 shipping. Anyone can make this switch—and do it today!

Have you tried Nourish Organic Deodorant? What was your experience?

Do you have another favorite natural deodorant formula?