Nutri-what? Why Nutrigenomics is Our Most Exciting Beauty Tool Yet

Followers of Beauty Is Wellness will know that my diet is the single most important element of my beauty regimen. I've said it before (and the idea even inspired the name of my company), beauty IS wellness! You won't have real, lasting radiance without optimizing your health.

I've always understood that there was a connection between my diet and my outward appearance, but I vividly recall reading beauty magazines as a teenager that informed me that there was absolutely no connection between diet and acne. Of course, they were reiterating what the experts of the time believed to be true. Fortunately, I also grew up with a mother who adamantly disagreed, teaching me that food was absolutely connected to the appearance of my skin!

Of course I never expected to one day become a beauty editor with an obsession about the diet-beauty link, but looking back it all seems meant to be. Fast forward...

Today the most exciting frontier in beauty is indeed nutrition, especially an emerging science called Nutrigenomics. Researchers in the field are finding that the foods we eat have the power to change our gene expression today, and to alter our epigenome that controls the way our genes will be expressed generations into the future. This is beyond powerful. Food can turn on protective genes and turn off harmful genes. Of course it can also do the opposite- if we choose highly processed, inflammatory foods that stress our systems.

There is still so much to learn about the nutrition-gene connection, but you can be certain that you'll hear much more about it in the years to come. To get a head start, a fabulous book on the subject of nutrition and beauty is Forever Young, by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. Check it out and let me know what you think! In the mean time, I'll be collecting all of the newest information about the food-beauty connection here at Beauty Is Wellness.

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