NYers, Have You Seen the Natural, RAW Beauty at Your Local Drugstore?


That's right...natural beauty is taking over a growing chunk of real estate at your local drugstore! New Yorkers can now find a major natural brand in their ubiquitous Duane Reade drugstores, which just started carrying the Raw Essentials line by model Carol Alt.


Alt, at 50, says her skin looks better now (courtesy of a raw food diet and natural beauty products) than it did in her 30s. She created her beauty line to follow the standards of raw food- that is, no product is heated above 115 degrees.

I'm a definite supporter of ingredients that are 'alive,' for example- raw honey, which contains active enzymes that offer major skin benefits. Problem is, these enzymes are killed when products are heated.

One of the best parts of the Raw Essentials line? The drugstore (esque) price point. The Raw Essentials Cleanser retails for $15 and the most expensive products appear to be the anti-aging serums, at $29. Oh- and if you're not in NYC, you can purchase Raw Essentials online!

I also love what Alt, a survivor of uterine and ovarian cancer, had to say about her cancer battle and the beauty products she uses today:

"I didn't want to be cut, chemo'd or radiated on. I worked with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez on changing my body with supplements and nutritional cleansing treatments. Dr. Gonzalez has written the forward to my "Eating in the Raw" book. You want to work with a doctor when making any kind of major dietary change.

I think a mostly raw diet has been crucial to my remaining healthy after cancer. And I eliminated all of those dangerous ingredients you see all the time in beauty products -- things like parabens and sulfates, that they find in cancer tumors. My line is entirely free of all those bad ingredients."

Also, I thought you'd be curious about Alt's 5 beauty essentials (via a Fitness interview):

  • pure cocout oil
  • pure tamanu nut oil
  • mascara
  • lip liner
  • lip gloss

Both glamorous and natural!