Ojas: The Secret to Radiant Beauty?



You've heard me talk about the importance of good digestion for optimal beauty many times before, since your digestive system breaks down and assimilates all of the glow-boosting nutrients you take in when you eat beautifying foods. Of course you want to max out the benefits in every bite of beauty food, and healthy digestion allows you to do that. But a few months ago I stumbled on yet another convincing reason why good digestion is at the heart of your beauty—it's called ojas.

In the teachings of Ayurveda—the centuries-old system of medicine that originated in India—ojas is known as a powerfully beautifying essence. Ayurvedic expert John Douillard DC, (check out his fab newsletter at lifespa.com) explains in his post 'Got Ojas? Nourish Your Vitality' that ojas 'governs aging, immunity, radiant skin, vigor, mood, sleep, digestion, spirituality, and physical strength.' Ojas is physical vigor and health, as well as emotional consciousness, he told me in a recent interview. Sounds incredibly powerful. Thing is, you can't buy ojas, and you can't get it in a pill or powder—to get your fill of this incredible beautifier, you simply need to digest optimally.

Ayurveda teaches that ojas is most refined product of healthy digestion. It's something intangible, kind of like beauty. I immediately connect ojas with the glow and the radiant physical beauty that some of us seem to possess effortlessly. We often see that kind of radiance as an elusive quality, but if it's deepened by ojas, and ojas is made through digestion, it follows that every one of us can nourish that glow within ourselves.

The presence of ojas, “is an inner vitality so compelling, and a complexion so lustrous, that our attractiveness transcends all modes of fashion and all popular ideals . . . It is not imaginary and not something we can fake for very long, even with the best makeup or plastic surgeon,” writes Ayurvedic physician and Naturopathic doctor Pratima Raichur in her book Absolute Beauty. Sounds kind of like the radiance we try achieve with a combination of foundation and bronzer. But isn't it incredible that it could actually be something that we make within ourselves?

Douillard says that our bodies take a full month to manufacture ojas, because it’s the most highly refined product of the digestive process. Ojas may take our beauty to the next level, but it's nonessential, so it's the first thing that gets cut out if the digestive process isn't running smoothly. I believe that it's not just a coincidence that that the shine in your hair, the sparkle in your eyes, and the luminosity in your skin are also the first to go missing when your digestive health needs a tune up! From now on, my clients will work on boosting ojas as just one part of their lifestyle of beauty.

Need a beauty-boosting digestive tune-up? It will transform how you look and feel.

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Photo by Hamed Saber