On My Skin in April...Napa Organics



Agribeauty. (ag-ri-byoo-tee)


1. The pared-down luxury and natural elegance of Napa, California.

2. The word Napa Organics founder Hilary Glass coined to describe the line of organic products she created on the Napa farmland that's been in her family for generations.

I had the chance to check out the lovely line of Napa Organics products (so pretty that you'll want to show them off in your bathroom or guest room), and had to share them with you this month. They're the perfect replacements for the conventional, toxic products you're tossing out during spring cleaning!

When you look at Napa Organics liquid soaps in person, feel their weighty glass dispensers, suds them up on your skin and smell their subtle, peppermint-, lavender- or lemon-tinged natural aroma, you notice such a pronounced difference from the heavily perfumed, dyed, toxin-loaded soaps sitting beside most faucets. Napa Organics soaps contain only four ingredients: organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, glycerin, and essential oil. At $14 for 5 oz, they are considerably more expensive then what you'd find in the drugstore, but the sturdy glass dispensers alone are a product I would buy to refill and reuse again and again.

Like my favorite SW Basics of Brooklyn, Napa Organics products contain five ingredients or less. Less-is-more beauty is having such a moment, one that I hope will last a long, long time! All ingredients are made in the US and most are sourced from organic farms local to the Napa area.

The key ingredients in these products were inspired by the crops grown on Glass' family farm years ago: grapes, apricots, plums, walnuts, and almonds (ALL major beauty foods!). While I loved the liquid soap and lotion and wanted to order more as gifts, the most exciting and innovative Napa Organics product I tried was definitely the Plum Kernel Oil. Just when you thought that you'd heard of all the natural oils out there, Napa Organics surprises you with the oil from California-grown plum kernels—rich in moisturizing essential fatty acids and vitamin E, as well as healing vitamin A ($32/1 oz).  This oil smells just like the juice of the sweet-tart cherries! It makes a lovely skin, hair and nail oil and a nice treat for those who love fruity, sweet scents but don't want the risks of synthetic fragrance.

If you really want to get into the spirit of Agribeauty and support a worthy cause in Napa, check out the Connolly Ranch Bundle of lotion, liquid soap and plum kernel oil ($54). 100% of the proceeds ($25) from your purchase goes to fund Connolly Ranch's community and child hands-on education programs that teach sustainable agriculture.