On the Hunt for Safe Scents? Try Non-Toxic Fragrances from Agape & Zoe Naturals


When smelling good becomes a safety concern (given the hormone-disrupting phthalates, petrochemicals and dozens or other toxins hidden under the ingredient 'fragrance' in our perfume bottles), many of us opt to go au naturale. Fragrance-lover that I am, I'd rather spend my day scent-free than risk long term damage to my body and health. But now there's no need to miss a daily dose of mood-lifting aromatherapy...

Thanks to a handful of creative and health-conscious natural perfumers, even the most fragrance-obsessed among us now have options for safe perfumes made with natural essential oils- the extracts of fruits, flowers, bark, leaves, resins, roots and seeds. One such perfumer, Patricia Anne Malemes, created a line called Agape & Zoe Naturals that I recently sampled- and loved!

Fragrances from Agape & Zoe are made with organic grain alcohol and essential oils- that's it. These scents struck me as much more perfume-like than most of the natural fragrances I've tried, which are typically fleeting. The scents are highly concentrated, so they have potency and staying power reminiscent of a conventional perfume. Not to be overlooked: they're affordable, at $5 for a 1/3 oz rollerball, $10 for a 1 oz spray and $20 for a 2 oz spray. These are not conventional perfume prices!

On to the scents...my favorite from the start has been a scent called Peace, a powdery and soothing blend of lavender, jasmine and vanilla. How could you go wrong with a blend of those three? Citrus-lovers might opt for Faith, a mix of vanilla and pink grapefruit, while fans of cool, refreshing scents will love Green, a cucumber, orange and mint concoction. Another of my personal favorites is Beauty, with sultry sandalwood, vanilla and lemon.

Again, this collection wears very well throughout the day and, above all, is non-toxic! Try out a few of the $5 rollerballs today and toss the conventional perfumes that are most certainly doing damage in the long run.