Reader Q: Do I Need to Detox?

Should detoxing be part of my beauty routine?

Should detoxing be part of my beauty routine?

Q: Do I need to detox?

A: That depends on two things:

1) what your current diet looks like

2) what detox means to you

‘Detox’ has become a quick answer to weight loss, turning it into a crash diet for many people. Detox now involves anything from consuming only juices for weeks at a time, to taking supplements, shakes, and powders, either in addition to meals or as meal replacements.

If the goal of detoxification is to lighten the toxic load on your body and reset your eating habits, most quick-fix detoxes that we see today don’t detox us in a sustainable way. Juice-only cleanses and fasts often leave you lightheaded and starving; you want your meals to leave you sparkling and feeling your most vital. If you’re following my guidelines for a beautifying diet, eating a colorful diet based in whole foods with lots of organic vegetables and protein, drinking plenty of water, and eating little to no sugar, dairy, gluten and meat, you are already detoxing! You’re practicing the kind of sustainable detox that lightens the burden on your body, especially your liver, kidneys and digestive system.

Those divine cold-pressed juices you hear about? They’re great nutrient shots for your skin, but most (unless made completely from veggies) are concentrated sources of sugar with little fiber, so save them for occasional treats! Detoxes, unless under the guidance of a doctor or a professional who has created a plan for you, are not necessary for beauty—not if you adopt a lifestyle that lightens the toxic load on your body instead. If you’re looking for a diet that will help you reset your eating habits, look no further than Beauty Is Wellness.

Bonus ways to rev up natural detox at home:

  • Sip warm lemon water in the morning
  • Take an epsom salt bath
  • Take chlorella tablets
  • Drink purified water, or small amounts of hot water throughout the day

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