Salma Hayek's Essential Juice Recipe



Celebs, they're just like us.

They may have a bigger net worth and a massive fan base, but the lives of celebrities are just as busy as ours. Sometimes their 'round-the-world jet-setting means that they're at even greater risk for exhaustion and all the beauty bummers (think undereye bags, dull skin, dryness) that come with.

But it seems like more and more leading ladies are revealing beautifying diets that keep them glowing (with the help of great makeup artists) when jet lag and awards season exhaustion set in. The latest delicious beauty juice comes from Salma Hayek, actress and co-founder of Cooler Cleanse.

“Cleansing is like a meditation. It makes me stop, focus, and think about what I’m putting into my body,” Salma told“It’s a great way to start your day, and is full of vitamins—plus it’s great for your skin."

Enough said.

Check out Salma's anti-inflammatory, anti-aging beauty cocktail, and drink away dull skin:

Essential Green Juice [from Salma Hayek, via] Ingredients: Handful of spinach 3 stalks of celery Small handful of parsley 3 leaves of green kale 2 Bartlett pears, seeded 1/4 lemon, peeled 1/2 cucumber, peeled

Instructions: Bunch up the spinach, parsley, and kale and push through juicer with the celery and pear. Follow with the cucumber and lemon. Scrape off the foam and serve over ice. For variation, add dandelion greens or watercress.

For another beautifying juice recipe, try my Burst of Spring Green Juice, featured online at Organic Spa magazine.

Image: Harper's Bazaar November 2012.