Seaweed: The Secret to Stronger Hair?


If you live in the US, it's not likely that seaweed (dulse, nori, kombu, arame, wakame) has a regular place on your grocery list. And if you don't happen to be a sushi fan, you may never have tasted seaweed at all! So are you aware that you're missing out on a mega hair-strengthening beauty food? It's time to give seaweed a chance (you can start small, I promise... ) and see what a powerful nutritional boost it can deliver to your hair.

Seaweed is an incredibly concentrated source of nutrition, especially minerals like iron, manganese, iodine, copper, zinc and selenium. Both zinc and iron are essentials for healthy, strong hair. And the iodine in seaweed is processed by the thyroid gland to become thyroid hormone, which stimulates energy production and growth of hair & nails. One serving of seaweed (a measly 2 tablespoons) packs 2% of your daily iron, 8% of your vitamin K, 5% of your folate and 3% of your magnesium. And it's only 4 calories.

Where can you fit seaweed easily into your diet?

Seaweed Gommasio. This addictive condiment with the unfamiliar name is a blend of sesame seeds, sea salt and seaweed flakes like dulse, nori or kombu. Sprinkle it on vegetables, over rice or onto any other savory dishes for a nutritional boost with a tasty, nutty flavor.

Seaweed salad. Yes, it's on the menu at your local sushi place, but it's also a recipe you can make at home as well by re-hydrating dried seaweeds found in your supermarket. Try this when you hair is looking lackluster.

Sea Snax. If you're a snack food fan, you're likely to love Sea Snax: paper-thin, crispy seaweed strips that make a perfect munchie. Try these if you don't like the texture of seaweed salad.

Home-cooked beans. If you regularly cook beans at home, try adding a strip of seaweed to your next batch. The seaweed offers additional nutrients, a heartier flavor and aids in digestion of beans (a problem for many).