Silktage: Styling Serum? Or Overnight Hair Treatment?

How did your hair fare this winter? After being whipped around into knots by freezing wind, caught in the zipper of my winter coat and dehydrated by dry indoor heat, mine's a little worse for wear. Which is why I'm so thrilled about the arrival of Silktage Rejuvenating Styling Serum.

Silktage was created by hair stylist and makeup artist Robin Emtage after she saw her clients harming their hair with conventional hair styling products. Most conventional hair serums, including many of those that advertise themselves as 100% natural, contain silicones that smooth hair and impart shine, but also weigh it down and lead to buildup over time. But Silktage's ingredient list is a recipe for natural nourishment, full of moisturizing plant oils that smell amazing and perform beautifully:

Organic camellia (green tea) seed oil, organic coconut oil, broccoli seed oil, monoi flower extract, organic jojoba seed oil, organic wheat germ oil,organic  geranium flower oil, palmarosa leaf oil, organic rosemary leaf oil, organic clove bud oil, essential oil fragrance blend.

Before I tried Silktage as a styling serum, I used it as an intensive conditioner, applying it through the length of my hair, concentrating on the ends. I left it on for at least an hour while I cleaned and worked out (you could leave it on overnight as well). After washing my hair, the ends were in much smoother shape and the length of my hair felt softer. I loved the result, not to mention the smell while I was wearing it.

Silktage is so pure that it can also be used as a face and body oil, though I love keeping this product reserved for my hair. To style with Silktage, add just a few drops to your palms and spread through damp or dry hair to add shine and smoothness, reduce frizz and flyaways and restore elasticity and moisture. And if you style with heat, this extra moisture will protect your hair during the process. A little goes a long way, so you'll get lots of styling and deep conditioning out of one bottle. You'll be able to use this product through all four seasons of the year. ($39 for 3.4 oz)