Sip a Glowing Skin Drink Like Freida Pinto

Frieda Pinto is undeniably gorgeous, and I'd say that her radiant, glowing skin is one of her best assets. Since healthy skin is so closely linked to a healthy body (and happy digestion), I wasn't surprised to read that Frieda makes her own veggie juices as beauty drinks. And, reflecting her Indian heritage, she adds beneficial spices like coriander to warm up the mix. Here's what Freida told the UK's Daily Record:

"I make loads of fresh vegetable juices with coriander or pepper so that it's tastier. The concoction makes my skin glow and is good for the digestive system too."

She knows what she's talking about- blending raw veggies into a smoothie or juicing them makes it easier for your digestive system to process (the hardest work is already done for you!) and delivers a quick boost of enzyme-rich, concentrated nutrition that won't slow down your system and use up lots of energy to digest. If you pack your juice with veggies (especially the green variety), you're also getting a healthy dose of alkaline foods to counter the many acidic foods that we eat on a regular basis (think meat, cheese, sugar, alcohol, caffeine). A healthy body has a pH of between 7.365 and 7.45 (remember from chemistry class that 7 is neutral, everything lower is acidic and everything higher is alkaline).

Looking for a few smoothie recipes to give your skin a beauty boost? Check out some winners below:


The Beauty Is Wellness Radiance Rev:

My regular green drink includes kale (1-2 leaves), a lemon (1/2 to a whole, cut into quarters and peel out the flesh, removing any seeds), a large handful of parsley, a half of a frozen banana and whatever other veggies I have in the house: cucumber, dandelion greens, celery, radish, arugula (use sparingly, it's got kick!), romaine lettuce- you name it. Throw together in a high-powered blender (like a Vita Mix) with a cup or two of filtered water and your drink is ready in a minute. I often blend in a few ice cubes to chill my juice. The lemon really mellows the taste of strong greens, so don't skip it! Lemon, while acidic in nature, is amazingly one of the best alkalinizing foods for the body.

Here's another great green juice recipe from Kris Carr of Crazy, Sexy Life:

Make Juice Not War Green Drink

It’s our motto and our morning beverage. Here’s what we serve in the Carr/Fassett home daily. This recipe makes almost 32 ounces. When we have time, we make another juice at 4 pm.

-2 large cucumbers (peeled if not organic) -big fistful of kale -big fistful of sweet pea sprouts -4 – 5 stalks celery -1 – 2 big broccoli stems -1 pear or green apple (optional) -1 inch of ginger (or less)

Other optional greens we love: romaine, parsley, spinach and dandelion.