Snack on These Collagen-Building Foods for Youthful Skin


Ever notice that advertisements for 'anti-aging' beauty products and procedures are obsessed with collagen? Strong collagen is the foundation for youthful-looking, resilient skin!

Collagen makes up 75% of our skin and it actually starts to degrade while we still feel youthful (we're talking early thirties here, ladies). Degrading collagen begins to show signs of age that we'd prefer to avoid- wrinkles, and eventually sagging and crepey skin. So let's build up some collagen!

Even more than topical products, collagen-building foods are important to protection against collagen loss and visible aging. Collagen-building foods include those rich in protein (since protein is the core building material for new collagen and elastin, the protein that gives skin flexibility), vitamin C and zinc (both essential for synthesizing new collagen).

Here are a few that top the collagen-building charts:

  • KIWI. Fruits rich in vitamin C, like kiwi, are fabulous for encouraging collagen synthesis. And antioxidants vitamins (like C) are also extremely important to neutralize free radicals, which break down collagen and elastin.
  • OYSTERS. You love them or you hate them- either way, oysters are an amazing source of two collagen-building essentials: zinc and protein.
  • YOGURT. This tasty treat is a great source of riboflavin, which is necessary for proper collagen synthesis as well. Plus, yogurt provides a delicious dose of protein.
  • SALMON. Add this to the list of reasons why salmon is a major health and beauty food: it contains healthy protein that is low in saturated fat, perfect for building collagen.
  • BLUEBERRIES. In addition to a hefty dose of vitamin C, blueberries provide antioxidant anthocyanins that strengthen the connective tissues in your skin, a must-if you're boosting collagen for a youthful appearance.

Of course there are plenty of other foods that will support the collagen in your skin- look for whole foods rich in vitamin C, zinc and protein, plus B vitamins, silcon and lots of antioxidants.

One more reason to keep your collagen healthy: the appearance of deep and numerous lines in your facial skin corresponds to weaker bone structure. Both skin AND your skeleton use collagen for support.