Spit That Out, the Must-Read for Green Parents!

spit that out

Last night's launch party for the fabulous new book Spit That Out: The Overly Informed Parent's Guide to Raising Children in the Age of Environmental Guilt made me wish that I had more moms on my gift list this year. This book is a must-have for moms on your list, especially those dealing with the trials and tribulations of raising kids in an eco-friendly, toxin-free way. Paige Wolf (herself a savvy green mom) dishes advice perfect for eco-conscious mothers who are finicky (rightfully so), without ever sounding fanatical.

Here are a few of my favorite 'Green Mom Sanity Tips,' straight from the book:

•     Remember it’s the patterns that count—one rogue Egg McMuffin won’t undo a healthy lifestyle.

•     There is a happy medium between a floor brim- ming with pathogens and glistening with lye. Get yourself some eco-friendly cleaners—or a contract with a green cleaning service—and the five-second rule should be OK to enact.

•     Hygiene is important. Compulsive scrubbing with anti- bacterial products is not. Good old-fashioned hand- washing with plain soap and water is your best bet.

•     Buy organic when possible, but get your veggies and fruits any way you can.

Paige's voice is that of a smart, witty, level-headed best friend- a friend that every green mom or dad needs this year. She's smart about recycling while staying chic, she has great advice for those dealing with friends and family who don't support their eco-friendly ideals, and she gives plenty of budget-friendly advice for going green without breaking the bank- because raising kids is expensive! Not only is Spit That Out a little piece of comic relief for parents working hard to be green, it's a welcome reassurance that they're not doing it alone!