Sprayology: Natural Beauty Meets Alternative Medicine


Homeopathy is one form of alternative medicine that you may not think much of -- until it actually works for you. While I've never been a pill-popper, (I prefer to tough out a headache or an illness instead of relying on meds...stubborn, I know), there was something about homeopathic remedies that interested me, sort of like I had nothing to lose by trying them. After all, the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies is attributed to electromagnetic frequency and their active ingredients are highly diluted, so they're  considered to be extremely safe.

Somewhere along the line I started using homeopathy for minor things like allergies, colds and sore throats. I would take a few homeopathic pastilles at the first sign of a sore throat and...I wouldn't get sick. Or I'd try a homeopathic allergy remedy during a particularly allergic day and...stop sneezing. Weird, I know.

If you haven't explored homeopathy yet (c'mon, it's been around for 200+ years), or if it's felt a little too hippie-ish for you before, there's a new brand that is going to change that. I just know it! Sprayology, a line of homeopathic oral sprays, is making the world of homeopathy look chic. The line offers homeopathic remedies for everything from jet lag to sleeplessness, colds and flu to symptoms of menopause. As a beauty guru, the remedies that interest me most include the Hair & Nail Tonic, to revitalize dull, slow-growing hair and brittle nails, Body Skin Tonic, to rejuvenate dry or red skin, Acne Tonic, to relieve face and body breakouts and inflammation and the City Life Detoxer, to neutralize daily environmental toxins. Beauty is all about being back in balance!

Things to know: Sprayology sprays are FDA regulated (for ages 2 and up) and won't interfere with prescription medications. The adult dosage for most of the formulas I tried is two sprays under the tongue, three times a day. Expect kind of a sweet, watered-down flavor. Multiple sprays can be used together and there are no negative side effects. The brand also offers vitamin sprays (for those of you who just can't bear to swallow your vitamins!).

Check out the whole amazing, homeopathic brand at sprayology.com.sprayology line