Spring Allergies Ahead? Try Eva Mendes' Natural Eye De-Puffer

You wake up on a lovely spring morning, only to realize that you've got major puffiness around your eyes, thanks to seasonal allergies. You slept soundly, but you look worse than hungover! What's the cure?

Unless you have a go-to depuffing eye cream by your bedside, you might want to try this quick natural trick from actress Eva Mendes:

"I suffer from allergies and hay fever and wake up puffy. So I get a bowl of water with ice, add witch hazel and dunk my face in it. It's not comfortable, but it works. It's tightening and it brings down the swelling."

Sounds like a way to de-puff AND wake yourself up fast (no caffeine needed here). Would you use Eva's trick if you needed to reduce eye puffiness fast?

Note: you can pick up witch hazel in drug stores and Whole Foods- it's great to have on hand as a natural toner!