Detox Your Diet

*Congratulations to Danya Day, winner of the Sprayology homeopathic Life Detoxer!*

Spring is the perfect season to reset your body to a cleaner, lighter eating pattern, one that you can continue throughout the year. Right now, in the weeks leading up to spring, it's the time to start making changes to revive and rejuvenate your body after the long winter. Detox should NOT require deprivation, a week-long juice fast, or a program that will starve your body of nutrients to drop a few pounds. Spring detox should be a *gentle shift* in your habits to reset your body and restore your energy. It should be easy, inspiring, energizing. With spring on the horizon, I'm hoping you feel inspired to make some changes! Ready to start?

The organs to focus on during a spring detox are the gallbladder and the liver, two of the most important detoxifying organs in your body. If you drink warm lemon water in the morning, you're already helping to support your liver and eliminate daily congestion (I encourage you to do this year-round for beautiful skin). This spring, you might add dandelion root tea to your routine, which is an important detoxifier for the liver and a stimulator of bile. It's also great for reducing belly fat over time. My favorite dandelion root tea is Organic Roasted Dandelion Root by Traditional Medicinals (make sure you steep the tea bag for a full 15 minutes). The package directs you to use the tea for 4-6 weeks, then take a break.

In addition to your detox drinks, the best way to reduce the overall load of toxins in your diet is to move toward a diet of whole, unprocessed foods, since processed foods typically contain added preservatives, colors and flavors that unnecessarily burden the body. Spring is a wonderful time to focus heavily on fresh, organic greens (and whip them up into a green smoothie, like these) and seasonal produce, like these top five spring beauty foods. My favorite detox guide comes from Dr. Mark Hyman, who views detox as a daily process. Follow these principles to be mindful of detox every single day:

  1. Drink plenty of clean water, at least eight to ten glasses of filtered water a day.
  2. Keep your bowels moving, at least once or twice a day. And if you can’t get going, then you need some help and this can include taking two tablespoons of ground flax seeds, taking acidophilus and extra magnesium capsules in the form of magnesium citrate. If you have any chronic diseases or problems you have to be careful about taking supplements, you should work with your doctor.
  3. You should also eat organic produce and animal products to eliminate the toxins in our food.
  4. You should eat eight to ten servings of colorful fruits and vegetables and specifically include, every day, the family of the cruciferous vegetables, broccoli, collards, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, as well as the garlic family, garlic and onions, which help increase sulfur in the body and help detoxification.
  5. Avoid stimulants, sedatives and drugs, such as caffeine, nicotine, and try to reduce alcohol intake.
  6. Exercise five days a week with focus on conditioning of your cardiovascular system, strengthening exercises and stretching exercises.
  7. Get rid of the white menace, which is white flour and white sugar.
  8. Sweat profusely at least three times a week, using a sauna, steam or a detox bath.
  9. Take a high-quality multivitamin and mineral.
  10. Relax deeply every day, to get your nervous system in a state of calm, rest and relaxation.

To support your internal detox, this week’s spring giveaway is a homeopathic Life Detoxer Spray from Sprayology (a $24 value), courtesy of O & N Collective.

The Life Detoxer spray (shown above) is an FDA regulated, homeopathic oral spray that provides a gentle detox that supports the cleansing and elimination processes of the body. The Life Detoxer spray focuses on the liver, lungs and kidneys, to relieve issues like respiratory difficulties, lung and liver toxicity, coughing and sluggishness. Spray the Life Detoxer homeopahic remedy under your tongue three times each day to support your detox.

As a note, the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies is attributed to electromagnetic frequency and their active ingredients are highly diluted, so they’re considered to be extremely safe. The will not interfere with prescription medications. Homeopathy has been used as an alternative therapy for over 200 years.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling me one way you’re detoxing your diet this spring by the end of the day (Midnight EST) next Monday, March 12th. The winner will be contacted Tuesday, March 13th. One entry per person.

A huge thanks to O&N Collective for the natural product giveaways!

A note from O&N Collective founder Michelle Witherby:

Spring is the time for renewal. As the Earth comes alive again we begin to experience a new sense of vitality & energy – while shedding winter’s heaviness. For me, moving into the spring season always presents a perfect opportunity for detoxifying.  Detoxifying is our body’s natural way of cleansing itself and it gives our vital organs much needed rest. We are constantly exposed to pollutions & toxins now more than ever through the air we breathe, foods we eat, water we drink and products we use on our skin & in our homes. A great first step to a solid detox practice is to lighten up your toxin load.  Being mindful of what we feed our bodies, inside and out, encourages optimal health and is important as an everyday practice

Beauty is Wellness and O&N Collective have put together our favorite products and tips  to help you on your road to feeling better this Spring! Cheers to finding balance & nourishment this season, I’m toasting a nice cup of dandelion tea to you.  Be well, green & gorgeous!