Stay Naturally Healthy & Radiant During Holiday Travels


Just days before the biggest travel holiday of the year (also the start of the holiday travel season), my Beauty Is Wellness clients are looking for practical ways to avoid getting sick and looking harried as they go to and from their destinations. Keep these travel essentials in mind to arrive at your destination (and home again) looking healthy and radiant...

  • Air travel is extremely dehydrating, so apply a calming, hydrating mask the evening before you travel. I love Arcona's Wine Hydrating Mask with borage, macadamia and carrot oils, plus shea butter and grape seed extract.


  • Before and during travel, antioxidant-up your body with essential supplements like vitamins C and D, both known for their protective  immune boost.
  • On the day of your travels, skip foundation, which can dry skin and oxidize (causing a color change) during travel, and apply a rich moisturizer instead.
  • Don't rely on rest stops and airport terminal snacks to sustain you. Bring powerhouse snacks like almonds, cut veggies and fruit (excellent for their antioxidants and water content), or a nutritious trail mix or protein bar (look for natural versions without lots of sugar).
  • Learn a few stretches to relax your muscles and get your blood pumping in close quarters. Try pointing and flexing feet, shrugging and relaxing shoulders and pulling your shoulders down and back while you sit. Tightening and relaxing your stomach and gluteal muscles is a great seated exercise as well.
  • If you can't seem to keep yourself regular on travel days, plan to eat a bit less. Your digestion will also thank you for the reduced burden if you're seated for long periods of time.
  • The eye area is often the first thing to get puffy, dry and dehydrated when you travel, so bring along eye drops, as well as your favorite eye cream to dab on mid-trip. Check out 10 of my favorite eye creams here.
  • Yes, germ-free is key. As much as I dislike most hand sanitizers, there a few natural versions that kill germs and offer a refreshing aromatherapy boost (unlike conventional anti-bacterial products, which contain synthetic fragrances and often triclosan). My two favorites are Intelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Hand Purifier, a creamy, non-drying formula with peppermint oil and aloe (smells like the holidays!), and Jao Hand Refresher, scented with a soothing blend of lavender, tea tree, clary sage, eucalyptus and geranium.

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  • Hydration could be the most important point to stress during travel! Bring an empty water bottle with you and fill up at a water fountain once you've passed airport security checkpoints. Skip dehydrating sweet juices, sodas and alcohol while traveling- there's sure to be plenty of those at your holiday celebration.

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