Successful Swap: A Natural Look-Alike for Orgasm Blush

One of the best (and the trickiest) parts of my job as a Beauty & Health Coach is swapping the favorite items in women's makeup routines for natural versions that are seamless stand-ins. My goal is that you'll never miss the old products and you'll come away with safer, less toxic makeup!

One of my favorite (and frankly, most awesome) swaps is Zuii Organic Flora Blush in Melon for Nars Orgasm Blush- the one everyone obsesses over. When I first saw the Zuii blush (shown above, in circular compact), with its gilded rose color that reflects light so perfectly (without obvious shimmer), I recognized the color immediately as the same one that makes Orgasm (shown above, in rectangular compact) such a universal favorite. And side by side (above and below), the colors are unbelievably similar.

Zuii Melon (top) and Nars Orgasm (bottom)

The one thing that really stands out about Zuii's blush is that it's made with organically-grown flower petals (rose, jasmine, chamomile) and mineral pigments and it's actually a certified organic makeup product, which is really exceptional since most natural makeup formulas use minerals only, which by nature are not organic. *UPDATE: Zuii Organic was found not to comply with the USDA Organic standard. The explanation is that a mistake was made in the certification process by the Australian accrediting body The Organic Food Chain. The ingredients in the Zuii line are still natural and great quality for a mineral makeup line, and they still get my wholehearted endorsement, but they should not be construed as USDA organic.

The Zuii blush mixed with a tiny bit of face cream is the most gorgeous natural blush/highlighter. Try it!

Nars Orgasm, while gorgeous, contains multiple parabens, synthetic colors, and talc, a filler that has been linked to ovarian cancer.

Zuii Organic is an Australian brand, so it's not something you stumble upon in Sephora everyday. You can buy it online for $30 at

Enjoy this successful swap! If you want more swaps tailored to your beauty routine, contact me for a beauty overhaul, which comes with a one-on-one health coaching session: