Super-Slimming Summer Beauty Foods



You’re heading to the beach or pool this weekend, and you want to make sure your bathing suit fits just right.  You could cross your fingers that you wake up on Saturday with a flat belly, or you could get proactive by filling your diet with naturally slimming, seasonal beauty foods. Where to start? It’s all about cutting back on the foods that cause you to retain water and pack on the pounds, while adding in the delicious summer beauty foods that have powerful de-bloating properties. These foods are natural diuretics, meaning they fight fluid retention, a common hot weather beauty complaint.

What foods contribute to extra water weight in our bodies? Processed foods, especially refined carbs, are a big culprit. Processed foods require extra water for digestion, often contain an extremely high quantity of sodium (a major cause of extra water weight), and spike blood sugar, encouraging your body to put on extra pounds. The extra preservatives, additives and artificial sweeteners in these foods can also cause bloating and indigestion.

In place of the chips, pretzels and juices that serve as typical hot weather snacks, eat these slimming foods:

  • Cucumber. These water-rich, kidney-cleansing foods keep you cool and prevent fluid retention
  • Celery. The balance of sodium and potassium in celery make it an excellent supporter of fluid balance.
  • Watermelon. Yes, adding more water to your diet actually helps you lose excess water weight. Same goes for sipping water throughout the day—it’ll help you stay slim.
  • Lettuce. Add a salad to your meal- the fiber in lettuce helps you feel full while its water content encourages detox.
  • Tomatoes. The high water content in tomatoes means that your kidneys can flush excess fluids and your body can release toxins.
  • Eggplant. This veggie is 90 percent water, and has gentle diuretic and laxative effects, so you’ll say slim and hydrated after eating.

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Watermelon image by grongar