Tata Harper Shares Her Beauty Must-Haves

tata harper photo

The beauty editor in me loves peeking into makeup bags, especially when I know that the bag belongs to a woman as smart, stylish and savvy about natural ingredients as Tata Harper. Tata's self-named brand is where I source many of my own favorite skin care products, so I was super-curious about her own beauty picks. Here are Tata's beauty must-haves, courtesy of Glo...

Jane Iredale PureBrow Fix & Mascara. This clear dual-ended groomer is perfect for looking polished on no-makeup days. Tata uses it to look 'bright and awake.'

jane iredale

Mineralogie Lid Luster. Tata says this mineral shadow gives her face 'a touch of sparkle and highlight.'


W3LL People Nudist Lip Shine #5. This is one of my personal favorites, because the bold fuchsia color rivals an old Chanel lipstick that I tossed in favor of a more natural formula. Tata also loves the 'therapeutic pomegranate and reishi mushroom.' in the formula.

well people

Santa Maria Novella Honey Intensive Cream. Tata uses this hair mask as a leave-in conditioner and says that her hair is ever-stronger for it.

santa maria novella

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum. Tata's own serum is packed with 29 natural active ingredients. See why it's a must-have?

tata serum

Kjaer Weis Creme Blush in Blossoming. Shockingly-stylish natural makeup line Kjaer Weis easily makes it into Tata's bag for its shiny metallic packaging that's refillable and eco-friendly.

kjaer weis

Tata Harper Aromatic Mood Treatments. Tata calms stressful moments with her mood-enhancing essential oil blends. Keep the bedtime formula at home for restful beauty sleep!

stress treatment

Epsom Salts. They may not be in her makeup bag, but Epsom salts are must-haves in Tata's household, to fight fatigue and relax in the bath. Bonus: find them in your drugstore!

epsom salts

The makeup bag itself: a 100% organic cotton makeup bag by makeup artist Christy Coleman