The Key to Beauty, from a True Expert

My favorite used book store find of all time might be The Living Beauty Detox Solution, by Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman. The link between beauty and wellness is my passion 24/7, and I've often been frustrated and disappointed at the lack of information that's available on the subject. But I stumbled onto The Living Beauty Detox Solution and read the dedication, "to women everywhere...who are revolutionizing concepts of aging, beauty, and detoxification," and I couldn't wait to read it cover to cover. The book was published in 2000, and today it's still one-of-a-kind!

Since I bought her book (and many of her other best-sellers) several years ago, I've been fortunate enough to work with Dr. Gittleman when I needed expert input for some of my beauty articles. She's a true expert on health and beauty, and I'm thrilled to share her brand new natural skin care line, BeauClé! I had the chance to preview BeauClé Purifying Cleanser, Overnight Corrective Cream and Ultra Hydrating Moisture (for face & body) and talk to Dr. Gittleman about the decades of work she put into these products, and I wanted to share them with Beauty Is Wellness readers.

BeauClé, which means 'the key to beauty'

Listen up, these are wise words from a true beauty expert!

BIW: What's the story behind your new line?

Ann Louise Gittleman: BeauClé is based upon my search for the perfect skin care product due to my ultra-sensitive skin, which reacts to even many natural skin care ingredients. The result is a line from world-wide sourced botanicals, antioxidants, and cosmeceuticals that heal, nourish, moisturize, and diminish redness and expression lines.

BIW: Tell me about your favorite product from the line.

ALG: My favorite product from the BeauClé line is the Overnight Corrective Creme. It has a combination - like all the BeauClé products - of all the top antioxidants like CoQ 10 and a proprietary oil-soluble Vitamin C which can brighten and lighten brown spots on the skin. Based on our initial testimonials, it is doing just that!  Corrective Creme also contains the unique Centipeda C. from Australia that was known as "Aboriginal Gold" for centuries because of its extraordinary healing effects for dryness and redness. It is even used today pre and post laser treatment. I also included the "Natural Botox" extract from India known as ‘acmella oleracea extract,’ which naturally relaxes muscle tension and targets crow's feet and expression lines.

BIW: Do you have a favorite natural skin care ingredient?

ALG: My favorite natural skin care ingredients would have to be a tie between the Centipeda C. from Australia and the seabuckthorn - both of which are naturally anti-inflammatory as well as deeply hydrating to protect the skin's moisture barrier. Seabuckthorn contains all of the Omegas - including the rare Omega 7 - which can plump up collagen and renew cells.

BIW: What's your must-have beauty food?

ALG: My must have beauty food is GLA- or gamma linolenic acid - that I take daily in the form of black currant seed oil caps.  It is the ultimate internal beauty elixir that helps heal psoriasis, eczema, and treats redness because it is so effective at reducing moisture loss and tamping down inflammation similar to the topical ingredients that I chose for BeauClé. Beauty is an outside in and inside out total package.

I tested BeauClé products and also found that the Overnight Corrective Cream was my favorite. Its natural fragrance is light (the other two products have a more pronounced sandalwood scent, which is also natural) and packed with a powerhouse blend of natural anti-aging ingredients like seabuckthorn, borage, algae and white tea, plus calendula and cucumber that soothe my sensitive skin. I like to layer the cream over a natural facial oil for a double layer of protective moisture during the dry winter months. The cleanser is also a great pick year-round; its gel texture takes on an oily slip when emulsified in water and it's free of soap, so it doesn't leave skin dry.

Check out these three BeauClé products (which come in large sizes, making them a great deal!) at and follow Dr. Gittleman's work at