The NEW Must-Have Beauty Gadgets (They'll Surprise You)

Hold on to your Clarisonic, you're about to be blown away by a new wave of beauty gadgets! A warning: these beautifying tools are a serious departure from what you'd consider to be your typical lineup of prettifying devices— blowdryer, curling iron, straightener, makeup brushes, zit-zapper, etc. You'll store these alternative beauty gadgets in your kitchen, where I hope you'll use them far more than all of your other beauty tools combined (they may even render that zit zapper obsolete with their glowing skin benefits!).

Many of these gadgets are investments, but remember: you could buy a few fancy night creams, or, for the same price, have a tool that brings you beauty from the inside out every day for years.

Read on for my favorite beauty gadgets for a beauty foodie lifestyle*...

*remember, they're all completely optional, but great buys for beauty and health!


A super high-powered blender like the Vitamix will completely change the way you eat!  Suddenly all of the veggies you didn't get to use for last night's dinner become energizing, beautifying options for breakfast, and you find yourself experimenting with smoothies, dips and nut butters, soups (and, yes, cocktails)— all made with fresh, unprocessed ingredients. The more ways you have to eat (or drink) your beauty foods, the more you will actually consume them! I put the Vitamix at the top of this beauty gadget list because it's absolutely my favorite. While it's a major splurge, it could save you money in the long run if you're already buying pricey smoothies often— and think of the money you'll save in doctor visits later if you invest in great health now. My trick: purchase a refurbished model from the company for much, much less than a new model, and it still comes with a 5 year warranty. You might call it a sensible beauty splurge. And of course, many other high-powered blenders are amazing too!

Citrus Press

I'm not one for unnecessary kitchen gadgets (you won't catch me cluttering precious drawer space with corn peelers and toast tongs), but if you follow my daily lemon water recommendation (an amazing detox ritual for glowing skin and great digestion), you will squeeze a lot of lemons in a week. A basic handheld citrus press is easy to use (Remember physics? A little leverage goes a long way.) and quick to clean. I usually wind up squeezing the last little bit of fresh juice out of the peel with my hands anyway, but keeping a citrus press at hand makes the process quicker and less messy, especially when you're dealing with pits!

Electric Kettle

Oh, the beauty benefits of tea. Not only is a cup of tea a beautifying stress break in your day, it has potent anti-aging antioxidant benefits. Green tea has even been called 'the wrinkle blocker!' Boiling water at home takes just minutes, but you probably don't have time (or a stove at hand) to boil water for tea during the day. Hot water from the office water cooler will suffice, but an electric kettle heats water to the proper temperature for your tea (the best ones have variable settings for green, white, oolong and black teas— which all require different temperature water for proper steeping). Look for an electric kettle with a stainless steel or glass interior, rather than plastic, to avoid leaching chemicals. Need a few ideas for beauty-friendly teas? Take a look at my favorites here, here and here.


I love making beauty-boosting smoothies in a blender (see above), but I have to admit that juicing is a real beauty treat that can be an instant alkalizing energy boost for your entire body, inside and out. Juice is packed with nutrients that your body digests so easily. The key is to juice primarily veggies. Add some fruit to your juice blends for nutrients and flavor, but only a few, so you limit the sugar content and liquid calories. Think outside the box when juicing (cabbage? kale? ginger? — all amazing in juice and full of beauty nutrition for healthy skin, hair and nails). There are several different types of juicers, from masticating juicers to centrifugal and hand crank, so check out a few options before making your purchase, since they're a big investment. (Kris Carr and her ebook Crazy Sexy Juices are great sources of info on different types of juicers— not to mention tons of juice and smoothie recipes).


This one is kind of an extra, for those who just love having cool gadgets. Dehydrators are super-helpful for raw foodies, and great for making all kinds of cheffy, sophisticated beauty foods. You can use them to dry nuts and seeds into crackers and raw, sprouted granola, fruit and veggies into dried snacks, even fresh herbs into homemade tea blends and dried spices. Essentially, dehydrators are just one more tool to encourage you to use fresh, unprocessed foods— the foods that give you a lifetime of looking and feeling your absolute best!

Feeling inspired to broaden the definitions of what 'beauty tools' can be? Any of these gadgets can become pampering tools that— in my opinion— have the potential to be your best beauty boosting devices yet.

Important note: the above are gadgets I love and recommend, but I'm not a spokesperson for or sponsored by any of the above products!