This Bathroom is Stocked with Natural Skin Care- Can You Guess its Famous Owner?

tata harper

It's the bathroom vanity of Vogue Contributing Editor Lauren Santo Domingo, who revealed in a feature that she's making the switch to organic beauty! If you're not familiar with Lauren's face, you surely know her work on the pages of Vogue and behind the scenes at high-profile events like the Met Costume Institute Ball. She's an arbiter of taste in NYC and beyond, and it seems that her beauty taste is changing...

Here's what Lauren says about the beauty products on her bathroom counter (pictured below):

"...since I am slowly switching over to organic products, you can see all the new things I am really into—I especially love Tata Harper’s amazing line."

tata harper-2

But you know what- I'm not surprised.  Natural beauty is making a powerful mark, not simply as a trend, but with great substance to back it- and it's even changing the tastes of women who would otherwise be using Chanel and Dior.

(PS- Alicia Silverstone is also a fan of Tata Harper Skincare).

What are some of the other high-end natural beauty lines I'd recommend to Lauren? Perhaps makeup from Kjaer Weis, perfume from Honore des Pres, hair care from John Masters Organics- all worth the splurge!

Photo: Courtesy Claiborne Swanson Frank/