Top 5 Autumn Beauty Foods


Autumn is a season rife with delicious eats. And the seasonal fruits and vegetables harvested during this time of the year are not only tasty, they're packed with beauty nutrition!

For strong nails, skin that glows and hair that shines as the chilly air sets in, pick up these foods at your local farmer's market:

1. Apples. Once you've tasted a fresh fall apple, you know what you're missing during other months of the year. With the opportunity to get out and pick apples straight from the tree, you can enjoy some of the freshest fruit you'll ever taste right now. Apples contain polyphenols and flavonoids, two strong antioxidants, as well as the antioxidant vitamin C. Malic acid and tartaric acid in apples help regulate the liver and digestion- which shows in glowing skin! And pectin in apple skin is wonderful for detoxing the body.

2. Winter Squash. From acorn squash to butternut to my new favorite, delicata, winter squashes are not to be missed in the fall! Many types of squash are packed with carotenoids which convert to vitamin A, an essential skin vitamin responsible for cell division and new cell growth. And you'll find a big-time beauty mineral, zinc, in winter squash, along with magnesium and skin-supporting antioxidants.

3. Pumpkin (& pumpkin seeds). They're not just decorative! Like squash, pumpkins are rich in carotenoids and antioxidants. They're also a great source of iron, potassium and vitamin C, which helps the body produce collagen. Don't throw away pumpkin seeds, either! They're full of unsaturated fatty acids and zinc. Roast them and keep them handy when you're stressed– or when you need a beauty boost.

4. Carrots. I've already written about how a meal rich in carrots can transform your complexion- but I'll say it again: carrots are super skin foods! Their beta carotene protects against UV damage and their carotenoids convert to essential vitamin A, which supports skin– and keeps your eyesight strong!

5. Mushrooms. Fall is the time for a mushroom harvest, and the many benefits of mushrooms, including shiitake, portabella, cremini, reishi and white button mushrooms, are quite significant for health and beauty. Mushrooms can improve the elasticity of skin, reduce inflammation and deliver mega-antioxidants like ergothioneine. They're packed with potassium and selenium. Shiitake mushrooms are also a source of kojic acid, a natural skin lightener.