Top 5 Spring Beauty Foods

strawberry plant-3

Spring is the season to eat raw, fresh-from-the-farmers-market veggies and fruit. Snacking on these just-harvested foods puts you one step closer to radiant skin, not to mention enough energy to tackle all of your spring chores!

Find out just why these five spring foods can't be missed...

1. Asparagus This quintessential springtime veggie is rich in nerve-strengthening folic acid, which also promotes healthy skin and protects against birth defects and heart disease. It may even ease depression. The rutin in asparagus strengthens capillary walls, protecting against varicose veins.

2. Strawberries These spring & summer favorites are off the charts for vitamin C content. What's so great about C? It's an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that stimulates collagen production.  Just one cup of strawberries provides 149% of your vitamin C for the day!

3. Cauliflower This cruciferous veggie contains sulforaphane, the phytonutrient from which glutathione is made. Glutathione is "the secret to prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, dementia and more, and necessary to treat everything from autism to Alzheimer's disease, " says Mark Hyman, MD. Glutathione and sulforaphane also support the liver in detoxification. Cauliflower also packs in the skin-friendly vitamin C and lots of fiber.

4. Beets These tasty, sweet vegetables are high in folic acid and glutathione (see above), as well as anti-inflammatory betaine and manganese, which is important for iron regulation and bone and connective tissue health. Beet juice is revered for its internal cleansing (and possible blood pressure-decreasing) benefits.

5. Spinach This leafy green is a fantastic source of iron, which is important for rosy skin and oxygenated blood. But, like most iron, the iron in spinach needs to be paired with a little vitamin C to help your body absorb it. Try adding a lemon-juice dressing to your spinach salad! It's also high in vitamin A, which helps regulate skin's sebum production (great for acne-sufferers) and vitamin K, important for healing. If you're a regular spinach salad-eater, try steaming spinach tonight. Steam helps release some nutrients, like folate.