Traveling? 4 Key Ways to Look and Feel Your Best



It's a familiar snapshot: a sunglasses-clad celebrity strolling through LAX on her way home from a glamorous international trip. Is she wearing those dark glasses to evade paparazzi? Maybe. Are they also hiding the effects of jet lag from the cameras? Most definitely.

Short of remembering to pack a pair of dark glasses in your carry-on, what's the best way to arrive at your destination looking refreshed? As you might expect, looking at your beauty from the inside provides some particularly effective jet lag remedies.

I had a chance to test out these fabulous techniques on a recent trip to Ireland. I didn't sleep a wink on the overnight flight, but these tricks kept me from looking haggard and feeling exhausted during my travels. Next time you cross time zones, keep these beauty from within tips in mind:

4 Key Ways to Look and Feel Your Best while Traveling:

       1. Support Your Digestion. Did you know that you're most prone to indigestion and flare-ups of IBS and stomach troubles during travel, and it has nothing to do with international food?! Traveling increases inflammation and dehydrates your body (read ahead to tip #2), causing slowed digestion and elimination, and the added stress of traveling also shuts down your regular digestion. To help yourself stay regular and avoid bloating and stomach aches, take a probiotic daily (look for a brand that doesn't require refrigeration during your trip), and pack a digestive enzyme supplement to take along with big meals. I find that tummy-soothing teas like peppermint and chamomile are fantastic to bring along as well.

       2. Focus on Hydration. When you're on vacation,  the temptation is to splurge on a cocktail or a soda on the plane, and fuel your body with coffee to stay alert whenever you feel groggy. Problem is, all of those dehydrating beverages crowd out opportunities for you to counteract the moisture-sapping effects of plane travel—and you make matters worse. Next time you think about reaching for coffee, try herbal tea or warm lemon water, and ask for water every time your flight attendant comes around with drinks. Every sip restores precious moisture that helps your body eliminate and detox.

       3. Pack Your Lymph Brush. I know space is at a premium in your suitcase, but make a little room to pack a lymph brush (for a starter lesson on dry brushing, check out this post). Travel causes your lymph flow to slow waaay down, so giving it a little boost with a quick dry brushing session can really get your glow back. If you're a seasoned dry-brusher, you know it takes only 2 minutes, and leaves you tingling with circulation. It's even a great beauty ritual before bed.

       4. Make Time for Massage. After a long flight and a night of zero sleep, I was running on empty on my first morning in Ireland. No one wants to start a trip feeling irritable! I scheduled a massage about 5 hours after landing and stumbled upon the best remedy for jet lag that I've ever experienced. I was blown away by the total transformation in my mental and physical state and and energy boost that even a short massage provided. Like lymph brushing, massage revs up lymph flow and circulation, plus it lowers cortisol and boosts immunity (a major plus during travel) so you experience deep relaxation. Your skin will also thank you for the head to toe re-hydration that will have you glowing for the rest of your trip. If you can't afford a massage, get your traveling companion to give you a head and neck rub, and spend a few extra minutes dry brushing. Follow with natural body oil head to toe.

Looking for more ways to look and feel your best this summer?

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