Loving Physique 57!

Physique Class

Fitness is an important element of beauty, so I'm always on the lookout for new workouts that I can recommend to Beauty Is Wellness readers. To start the new year with an fun fitness routine I tried the much buzzed-about Physique 57 workout. After a few sessions, it has become my new pick for a challenging, muscle-toning class!

I wanted to share it with you right away because the 3 DVD workout package (shown below) that's sold for $60 on the Physique 57 website is currently available on QVC.com for $43.12- such a great deal! For anyone who has been curious about the workout, this price makes it a must-try. The package also includes a playground ball that you'll use during the workout (think inner thighs). There are only four Physique 57 studios- 3 in NY and 1 in LA- so for most of us, the DVD is our best bet.


If you've heard about Physique 57 before it might be because Kelly Ripa is an outspoken devotee (model Christy Turlington also loves the workout), or because it's been getting attention as a great program for toning and lengthening. Expect lots of isometric, ballet- and dance-inspired moves and tons of repetitions designed to fatigue your muscles, then stretch and lengthen them. This could definitely be considered a 'barre' workout, though Physique 57 feels more intense. Your muscles will burn. You could be a pro athlete, but if you tried Physique 57 today you would be sore tomorrow. But don't get intimidated- it's tough enough that you'll be challenged, but not so much that you'll dread each session. In fact, you feel kind of graceful doing it!

Have you tried the Physique 57 workout? What did you think?

Do you have another muscle-toning program to recommend? I'd love to hear about it!