Two Stress-Relieving Daytime Sips

lavender basket

This week I read yet another article on the effects of stress on beauty– Does Stress Make You Ugly?, by Robert Tornambe. Here's what Tornambe, an NYC Plastic Surgeon, has to say:

Stress that is not controlled most certainly affects the body's physical characteristics or beauty. It affects skin, hair, fingernails, digestion and sleep patterns. Stress-induced conditions include hair loss, heart disease, obesity, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sexual dysfunction, tooth and gum disease and ulcers or indigestion.

Stress-induced production of adrenaline and another hormone, cortisol, has a significant deleterious effect on the skin, the body's largest organ. The cell renewal process of the skin occurs every 28 days but slows as we age, causing wrinkles and dry skin. Stress slows that process even further, hastening the aging process.

Unless you work in the office of Mad Men, you're going to need another way to manage workday stress than sipping whiskey before noon. (And as harsh a reality as it may be, alcohol is far from a beauty drink.)

So what should you be sipping when times get stressful?

Here are my favorite relaxing beauty drinks to keep at hand during the day. They taste delicious and add a measure of calm to any hectic hour (am or pm). Keep them at your desk for emergencies– or an excuse to take a breather.

  • Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile with Lavender Tea: You already know how soothing chamomile can be– now imagine adding just enough dried lavender to get gentle whiffs of relaxing aromatherapy from your cup of tea. The lavender aroma of this tea is subtle, never overwhelming, and it contributes to a feeling of overall calm. Just as it claims, this Traditional Medicinals tea eases tension, stress and nervous stomach.
  • Natural Calm in Organic Raspberry-Lemon Flavor: I'll admit that 'Natural Calm' sounds a bit strange, but it's just a creative name for a berry-flavored magnesium drink that instantly relaxes your body. Magnesium is know as the anti-stress mineral, and this drink proves its potential. Mix a teaspoon of Natural Calm powder into hot or cold water and sip– you'll actually find yourself breathing easier in a few moments.

Looking for more ways to manage stress and keep your skin looking its best? Email me today for a personal beauty and health coaching consultation!