WIN ResVitale Organic Resveratrol


As a follow-up to this week's Beauty Ingredient 101 post on resveratrol, we're giving away organic resveratrol from ResVitale! This cutting-edge company uses only organic Muscadine grapes (which have the highest resveratrol antioxidant power) and grape plants from its French vineyards (below) to extract its potent resveratrol supplements. Spraying a grape plant with pesticides eliminates the need for it to produce protective resveratrol, so you should ALWAYS look for organic resveratrol supplements!


With the buzz about resveratrol growing rapidly, there are a ton of knockoff products out there that claim to deliver the antioxidant power of resveratrol, like the sugary 'resveratrol juice' that I saw at the supermarket over the weekend. Don't be fooled by antioxidant juice! If you're going to take a supplement, buy from a reputable brand that is serious about its quality and sourcing.

The resveratrol formula we're giving away, ResVitale Collagen Enhance (above), also contains 1000 mg of collagen (vegetarian) to firm and tone plus 100 mg of hyaluronic acid to plump skin. Combined with the free radical protection of resveratrol, it's an anti-aging powerhouse.

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