Victoria Beckham's Energizing Beauty Snack!

If you saw Victoria Beckham on the cover of the March edition of Allure, you'll agree that she's got enviably gorgeous skin and hair. I've heard before that Posh is very careful about her diet (to maintain that figure, you'd have to be), but I was very interested to learn her favorite energizing- and beautifying- snack: dried mulberries.

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Here's what Victoria told Allure about her favorite eats: "Lots of steamed fish, vegetables, fruit. I really like crackers. You know what else I love? Dried mulberries. They're so good; they give you so much energy.

Mulberries are mildly sweet and chewy- like a less-sweet raisin. They're a surprisingly good source of protein and a great source of iron, calcium, vitamin C, and fiber. They're also rich in resveratrol, the anti-aging antioxidant compound that fights free radical damage. So by snacking on mulberries, Victoria's doing good for her looks now- and in the future.

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And until then, you can get your mulberry snack fix at Add them to trail mix, granola or oatmeal, just like you would do with raisins!

Mulberries are also one of the few fruits to be considered a protein source -- boasting a respectable 3 grams of protein per ounce – and they are an excellent source of iron, calcium, vitamin C, and fiber