Your Plan of Action to Banish Dry Winter Skin


The chilly weather has barely set in and I'm already hearing murmurs of dry winter skin from family, friends and my Beauty Is Wellness clients. Either they've already started to feel the seasonal change in their skin or they are bracing for it– and looking for a way to avoid the dreaded dryness this year.

Here's my advice on where to start to combat dry skin with a powerful combination of diet & natural products...

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Boost your essential fatty acids! Since most people get plenty of Omega 6s, aim for a higher intake of Omega 3s, found in chia seeds, salmon, flaxseed, avocado and walnuts. These omegas will keep your skin supple and hydrated and seal moisture into your cell membranes.


Pick ultra-hydrating products that calm and moisturize skin that might be feeling sensitive and dry.

  • For face: My favorite hydrating mask this season is John Masters Organics Calendula Hydrating & Toning Mask. This revamped formula is fantastic at soothing (thanks to calendula), and aspen bark is the secret ingredient that provides a little toning and anti-aging bonus. Apply by massing the creamy mask into your face and letting it sink in. After 20 minutes, rinse off any excess.


  • For body: I love a moisturizer that combines a butter (cocoa, shea...) and an oil (coconut, jojoba...), since butters and oils absorb absorb differently into every skin type. The Nourishing Body Cream from 100% Pure combines avocado and cocoa butter with grapeseed and rosehip seed oil (two of my absolute favorite anti-aging oils) and an assortment of completely natural scents. Pick Meyer Lemon for a sweet energy boost amidst dark winter days. This is also an affordable and long-lasting treat at $15!

meyer lemon