As Winter Nears, Think Primavera

With the arrival of cold weather, I moved my big pots of herbs indoors to prevent freezing and get a little more from them before they need to be dried. But after a week or so inside, I can see them beginning to fade, and I know it wont be long before fresh basil, parsley, mint and the like are gone til spring.

I always miss fresh herbs and flowers during the winter, but fortunately there are lots of natural beauty products that capture the freshness of plants year-round. Using them tricks my senses, and my skin, into feeling a bit sunnier and more robust during the winter. Primavera, the German company that's been making pure essential oils for 25 years now, is a wonderful example. Primavera (which just so happens to mean 'Spring') has grown from an essential oil supplier to a company known for its hand-blended oils and skin and body products of the finest quality, sourced with fair practices. Just this year, Primavera opened a new state-of the art, carbon-neutral facility in the Alps of Southern Germany, where Primavera team carefully keeps track of the physical and microbiological properties of its ingredients. Amazing, right?

I had the opportunity to sample three of Primavera's products, Neroli Cassis Intensive Seed Oil Capsules, Rose Pomegranate Serum, & Ginger Lime Hand and Nail Cream, and the quality and freshness of their ingredients shone through instantly. My favorite product ended up being the seed oil capsules, which really came to my skin's rescue during a weekend of cold and dry weather. I found myself traveling without access to my usual skin care products, but I did have the seed oil capsules packed for the purpose of this review. Applying one before bed revived my skin overnight, and it's no wonder, given the rich, healing borage, black currant, jojoba, sweet almond, cassis, neroli and rose hip seed oils. Borage and black currant seed oils in particular are packed with gamma linolenic acid, the omega-6 acid that is known to strengthen skin cells and regulate moisture loss. I couldn't have picked a better product to counteract a cold, dry snap in the weather- and my skin.

Primavera products, with their elegant green and brown glass packaging and their incredibly pure, cold-pressed, natural and organic oils, are a beautiful splurge for your skin. And the freshness of the ingredients may just have you feeling a splash of springtime on winter's darkest days. To learn about the farms where Primavera's ingredients are sourced, check out this reference page.

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