Inlight Organic Beauty: UK Skincare Gem in the US!


Last fall, I attended a green beauty conference where I was lucky enough to be tipped off to a British organic beauty brand called Inlight.  Knowing full well that some of the most covetable natural products originate in the UK, I polled a member of the UK Soil Association for tips on the best natural beauty coming out of England. Her answer? A little brand called Inlight.

I took home samples of two Inlight products that day, and I have been using them ever since (quite sparingly, I might add, since additional products were not yet available in the US!). Fast forward a few months and Inlight is now sold by one small California-based online store ( Just four products are offered. Could this be a sign of more to come?

What made my experience with Inlight so remarkable? Inlight products feel like the 2010 versions of the earliest natural beauty products. You know, the crunchy ones found in health food stores that were so pure and earnest? I really feel that Inlight has made soothing, therapeutic, herbal products that are pleasing to every one of the senses, and that is rare. Just look at those gorgeous colbalt glass jars!  And that's to say nothing about the transporting herbal scent of these formulas. For me, they fulfill a deep-seated need.  No surprise, as Inlight was formulated by an herbalist, homeopath and medical doctor with 30 years of experience.

I urge you to keep an eye on this brand and get your hands on some products if you can! The Organic Firm & Tone Oil is a bit of a cult favorite in the UK for its skin-tightening properties. You can be certain that I'll keep you posted as well!