Flawless Face Essential: Therapy Systems Pocket-Sized Mineral Coverstick

better than cover

I've searched high and low for an on-the-go concealer that's substantial enough to cover redness but free of the waxy, greasy feeling common to so many traditional cover sticks. I love the idea of a stick concealer that I can toss in my purse for touch-ups, but the texture is always wrong, wrong, wrong- until now.

I just discovered Therapy Systems' Better Than Cover concealer, a refreshingly light, smooth, reflective formula that blends so subtly it almost appears to have a powder finish. It contains mica that works hard to erase under-eye circles and reflect light away from blemishes or red spots, which is exactly what I need in this sort of product!

I'm even more thrilled with the ingredient list, which is clean and 70% organic! Better Than Cover contains beeswax, vitamin E, green tea and raspberry leaves, acai powder, blood orange essential oil, plus titanium dioxide and iron oxide for protection. I can't stress enough how wonderful it is to see a mainstream beauty brand producing a cosmetic product with these natural ingredients!

One last positive is that Better Than Cover comes in a tube of identical size and shape to your a lip balm, so it fits quite easily in your pocket. Of course I'd be careful not to apply it to your lips- unless you're going for that nude look.

Better Than Cover comes in Light and Medium and retails for $24 at thecosmeticmarket.com or therapysystems.com.