Fresh Beauty Finds from the Natural Products Association Marketplace

Last week my beauty editor duties took me to Las Vegas (of all places!), to the Natural Products Association Marketplace. This conference brings together natural product companies of all sorts (I saw everything from spicy organic kale chips to NPA certified natural perfumes and chocolate squares that help you get a better night's sleep), and there's a big focus on natural beauty. My first job at the conference was to speak about the latest trends in natural beauty, along with Gorgeously Green author Sophie Uliano and Delicious Living beauty editor Jessica Rubino. The three of us editors discussed everything from sunscreen developments and Ayurvedic beauty products to gluten-free cosmetics and (my favorite!) beauty from the inside, before an audience of natural products retailers, buyers and brand owners. It's safe to say that there are plenty of exciting new developments to look for in natural beauty!

Then I got to roam the show floor, where the best product discoveries happen.

Here are my top five favorite natural beauty product finds, hitting shelves now...

Sow Good Natural Eau de Parfum. Sow Good's natural perfumes smell less like essential oils and more like the pretty perfumes you remember from your conventional products— only these are natural! The scents are soft and light and can be layered (Sow Good offers body wash/shampoo, perfume spray, and (my personal favorite), perfume roll-on).

Soap Box Soaps. This new 85% organic soap line has a philosophy similar to that of the Hand in Hand soap line that I've featured: for every bar of soap that you purchase, a bar is donated to a child in a country where washing with a basic bar of soap makes an enormous difference in curtailing the spread of disease. I tried the lavender Soap Box Soap, and loved its strong lavender presence that left my hands with an herbal scent. Soap Box Soaps really goes above and beyond with its giving policy: the company tailors its soap formula to the particular region to which it is donating.

In Love products. It must be said: I'm in love with In Love! Not only do the body products in this line smell incredible and pass a rigorous performance test, they feature unique skin-healing ingredients like tremella mushroom and botanical hydrosols of helichrysum and melissa. I sampled In Love shave gel, body lotion, lip balm and deodorant, and loved all four. The deodorant stings post-shaving (it's Dead Sea salt-based), but performs exceptionally well.

7 Miracle Butters. Why choose just one kind of healing butter when you can have seven? That's the idea behind Umbrella Naturals 7 Miracle Butters, with shea, cocoa, mango, coconut, aloe, avocado and jojoba butter, in one tropical-scented formula. The lightly whipped formula feels fantastic on the skin, and is packed with nourishing natural fats like vitamin E.

Redmond Bath Salt Plus. Baths can be incredibly therapeutic— if you skip the conventional bubble bath and go for salts and essential oils. These red-hued bath salts are packed with an incredible quantity of trace minerals like potassium, magnesium, selenium and zinc to take your soak to the next level. Not only will you relax your body and ease muscle soreness, your skin will get a boost of beauty minerals from these special natural sea salt crystals.