Hitting the Beach? Prep with Nude's Smoothing Body Refiner & a Dry Brush

200ml Smoothing Body Refiner-1

200ml Smoothing Body Refiner-1

If you're like most of us, you'll be relaxing poolside or on the beach this holiday weekend. And like most of us, you're likely to feel a tinge of anticipation at baring your body in a bathing suit. Really, who doesn't?

We've heard time and again that there's absolutely nothing we can do to eliminate cellulite bumps, but there are certainly measures that we can take to bring some temporarily smoothness to those areas. One simple step that I'd encourage everyone to take is dry brushing- a 2-minute before-bathing ritual that is effective at stimulating lymph flow and the release of toxins built up in cellulite areas. With a natural bristle bath brush (choose a brush of medium firmness), start at the legs and brush upward over skin, enough for skin to get tingly and pink but never scratched! Continue along arms and torso (skip sensitive areas like decollete), always brushing toward the heart. Do this a few times a week.

After bathing, follow with a natural moisturizer. One  natural product that produced nothing short of astonishing results during clinical trials is Nude Smoothing Body Refiner. This probiotic moisturizer/firming & toning treatment stimulates circulation, smooths and firms skin with organic mountain ash, phytoactive ginger, green coffee and ginko. Organic fig extract breaks down and metabolizes lipids built up beneath the skin (causing your lumps and bumps).

If you've been burned on ineffective cellulite creams before, you probably want more proof. Well, Nude has it: in clinical trials, every participant who used Smoothing Body Refiner twice a day for three months lost weight (an unbelievable average of 6.13 pounds).

Do I think that Smoothing Body Refiner will make every women lose 6 pounds? Of course not. Is it an amazing natural product? Undoubtedly. You could do much, much worse (and spend tons more money) on other cellulite treatments that don't offer any clinical proof to support their effectiveness. Nude's moisturizer has a light, milky texture and develops a taut stickiness  as it dries (this fades, so there's no sticking to clothes, etc.)- so you can essentially feel it working.  At $70, it's still quite an investment, but perhaps one to consider before signing up for pricey cellulite treatments!

As a side note, (I'm not sure how long this will last) Nude's website is currently offering a second Smoothing Body Refiner free with the purchase of one- use the code SLIMDOWN at the checkout. Getting a free second product makes this purchase a must!