Nontoxic Nails at Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa

1st room_ft It's incredibly rare to find a nail salon that takes the natural route. Nature has very little to do with things like nail polish, solvents, acrylic nails and the like. Just think of what it smelled like in your regular salon last time you got a manicure! Yes, you got used to the fumes after a few minutes, but can you really breathe deeply amidst those chemicals?  That's just not what I consider a relaxing day at the spa.

I feel incredibly lucky to live near a nail salon that uses only natural and organic ingredients: water-based polishes, an organic base and top coat and soy remover. It's Tierra Mia Organic Nail Spa- a name you'll want to take note of-  in Philadelphia, PA. You can't help but notice the way Tierra Mia smells as soon as you enter- essential oils, not polish solvents, are in the air. Instantly I'm relaxed. Tierra Mia's treatments are inspired by co-founder Karina Restrepo's Colombian heritage, which translates to fresh fruit purees, rich coconut oil, energizing eucalyptus and delicate rose petals.

If you're curious about water-based polish and how it works, know this- with Tierra Mia's own organic base and top coat formula, the polish stays on longer than it would alone. That's not to say that you can't apply water-based polish on your own (Tierra Mia uses brands like Acquarella, Suncoat and Honeybee Gardens). Just make sure that your nails are free of grease, lotion or any oils, which repel water-based polish. And give this type of polish an extra-long drying time. My water-based Suncoat manicure (below) was durable for several days, even though I'm hardly careful of my nails, and my pedicure is still going strong almost two weeks later.


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