On My Skin in August: Ilike Organic Skin Care

What would I do without mineral sunblocks? Those thick, barrier-forming zinc oxide and titanium dioxide formulas (two of my current faves are MyChelle SunShield Coconut SPF 28 and Badger Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Unscented Sunscreen) really do an incredible job of protecting my skin from burns and damage. But they can be so heavy that, when I use them often, my skin gets prone to clogged pores. I can actually feel the change in texture. My solution? I use a gentle enzyme exfoliant a few times a week (especially the day after I've applied a lot of sunblock) to keep skin smooth and clear. This system has been working so well this month, especially after I added two new Ilike Organic Skin Care masks to my lineup... Rosehip Gel Mask and Rosehip Exfoliator.

I was a bit confused at the difference between these two, since they are both rosehip masks that have enzyme exfoliating properties, but after seeing them in person and testing them both, I've found that they are actually quite different.

The gel mask is gently exfoliating (with honey), but performs more of an anti-inflammatory, skin soothing role, making it ideal for sensitive skin types who need a little exfoliation as well. Leave it on for 20 minutes and your skin will be so remarkably smooth afterward.

The exfoliator feels and dries like a clay-based mask, but it contains lactic acid to exfoliate, even while it soothes the skin with zinc. Tiny particles of cornmeal give it a little gentle grit.

Rosehip, a key ingredient in both masks, is packed with anti-aging vitamin C that's also great for sun damaged skin (read more about rosehips in my earlier Beauty Ingredient 101 column!).

Hungarian natural beauty brand Ilike Organic Skin Care is known for using whole botanical purees (fruit, veggies, herbs) instead of just extracts, and this is immediately apparent from the fresh smell and texture of these products. I can't wait to try others, but for now I'm thrilled with just these two masks.

They're the best new things on my skin this August!