On My Skin in February...SW Basics



I love a good makeover story. Hollywood has done them to pieces, so has TLC, but they don't happen that often in the beauty industry. When they do, I get excited.

Over the past few years, I've watched one company in particular blossom from Sprout Wellness, to Sprout, to its grown-up and gorgeous new incarnation, SW Basics of Brooklyn. I first found this company while writing an article for the beauty pages of Boho magazine back in 2010. I thought the all-over cream was to die for. A year later, I was introduced to their bolder, hipper identity, Sprout. The lip balm was instantly a purse staple. Today the brand has added even more new products, and come of age as SW Basics of Brooklyn. And it fits. Vogue, W mag, Whole Living (RIP), and New York mag agree.

Founder Adina Grigore has a serious talent for mixing a few simple ingredients into pure elegance. Using these products makes you wonder why complicated beauty products dominate the market. More isn't always more, and SW Basics is proof that beauty can be effective and simple at the same time.

Four things I love about SW Basics products:

  • 1. There's no more than five ingredients in any one product. Simple as that.
  • 2. The lip balm. Coconut oil and cocoa butter make it the creamiest ever! ($4)
  • 3. They transform everyday pantry foods into major beautifying ingredients.
  • 4. Did I mention that Gwyneth is also a fan? Check out Sprout Wellness in Goop.

The SW Basics products that I use most often (besides said lip balm, which you should all try):

Exfoliant. This gentle scrub (made from organic oats, almonds and sea salt) buffs away dead skin cells just fine on its own, but I love adding a small amount to my cleanser to create my own perfect product on days when I need a little extra exfoliation. ($12)

Makeup Remover. I use this remover specifically on my eye makeup, since it makes short, gentle work of mascara with its organic oil blend (olive, jojoba and sweet almond). It leaves my lashes and the skin around my eyes soft and moisturized. ($10)

Toner. Our beauty products can throw off the naturally acidic pH of our skin barrier, which is essential for warding off bacteria that causes acne and irritation. The solution: SW Basics toner, which restores pH with a blend of water, apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, sandalwood and clary sage essential oils. ($12)

SW Basics products are simple, elegant, effective—and affordable. They're also totally unisex. Don't miss them!