On My Skin in January...Nourish



If you're a regular reader of Beauty Is Wellness, you know that I talk a lot about foods that nourish skin from the inside out. And you also know that the beauty ingredients you put on your skin are kind of like food as well, since they end up inside your body.

I had a chance to try some outer skin nourishment this month, with the USDA certified organic beauty brand Nourish, and I found at least one product that I'll be buying again and again: a fab organic deodorant that I encourage you all to pick up if you need a serious alternative to your old aluminum-containing deodorant and antiperspirant formulas. At $8, Nourish Organic Deodorant is a worthy buy, and it's easy to find at Whole Foods and at nourishusda.com.

One note: after a few uses, both sticks of Nourish deodorant that I tried—Fresh Fig and Wild Berries—started to feel a little scratchy when I applied them. Nothing too painful, but just a little exfoliation under the arms from some grainy bits. I thought it might be salt (I've used natural deodorants with lots of salt in them that worked well before), but after referencing the ingredient list I think it must be the cornstarch. There's nothing else that would be even remotely abrasive in the formula. My guess is that the cornstarch kind of deposits at the top of the stick as you continue to use it. Still works great, and isn't enough to change my recommendation!

I generally think that stick deodorant is a great convenience, so the packaging of this formula gives it extra points. While I haven't vetted Nourish deodorant  in summer temps just yet, it has impressed me during the past few weeks of winter wear. No odor, no sweat (the cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil formula seems to prevent sweat from pooling under your arms), and great moisturizing properties, plus I can apply it right after shaving with no irritation. It has staying power, but sometimes I need a second application in one day. Don't get overwhelmed by the fruity scents; they're actually very light. The Fresh Fig smells creamy, while the Wild Berries smells a bit herbal. The other scents available are Lavender Mint, Almond Vanilla and Pure Unscented.

Nourish's tag line, 'Organic Food for Healthy Skin,' gives you a clue about the ingredients in these products—many of which could be edible. While you would't actually want to eat a coconut oil, corn starch and cocoa butter concoction, it's total skin food that you can feel safe applying to the delicate area under your arms, so close to your breasts and lymphatic glands.

I also tried the Organic Body Butter (completely solid, but melts easily into your skin) and the Organic Body Lotion (light and slippery—you can feel the aloe and glycerin), and liked both. I'll be using them both this winter, but the deodorant is now a staple that I'll be buying again and again.

Overall I love the affordability of Nourish (no product costs more than $14, and most are under $10), especially given the quality ingredients and organic certification. This line is evidence that there really is no reason that you can't fit natural or organic products in your budget and clean up your beauty! And if you're trying to help a friend along in her quest for natural products, giving her one of these deodorants (they are sold in money-saving 2 and 3 packs) is a great way to make the transition easy.

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