Perfume From Your Own Backyard?


A recent New York Times garden story, Making Flowers Into Perfume, caught my attention for its coverage of natural perfuming and interesting instructions on how to create DIY tinctures from the leaves and blossoms of your favorite herbs and flowers. It's a project I'm tempted to try!

According to the story, natural perfuming is a hobby exploding with interest, especially among those who wish to avoid synthetic and harmful ingredients in their own perfumes. Several of the perfumers profiled in the article create tinctures from the exotic blooms in their own backyards.

Here's an excerpt, featuring natural perfume pioneer Mandy Aftel:

Mandy Aftel, who helped spur the modern natural perfumery movement with her 2001 book “Essence and Alchemy,” said she has “observed an absolute explosion of interest...Ms. Aftel, 62, connects the popularity of natural perfumes to interest in organic gardening and local food. “People are so often in front of their computer screens and detached from the sensual world,” she said.

Check out the entire story here.

Have you ever tried making your own natural perfume?