Stay Energized 'Til Spring With Beauty Aromatherapy

jasmine flowers-2

When six more weeks of winter feels like an eternity and you can't bear the thought of another day of gray skies, it's time to get a dose of mood-lifting aromatherapy into your day.  Some of my favorite natural and organic beauty products use aromatic essential oils that do the double duty of treating skin and psyche all at once. Here are a few must-have aromas that will get you through until the daffodils start blooming!

Lemon: Lemon is known to fight fatigue and moodiness, and I can say for sure that Strange Invisible Perfumes Life Changing Body Wash in Sicilian Lemon does both! Sudsing it up in the shower is a juicy slice of summer in the morning, the afternoon- any time.

Rosemary: Naturity's Rosemary Salt Soak is made with organic rosemary essential oil and natural sea salts (that's it).  Stirred into a warm bath, these salts are invigorating and skin-softening, plus they leave just a hint of scent on your skin after you towel-dry.

SpearmintLiving Naturals Fragrance Diffuser in Herbaceous Spearmint is my favorite alternative to conventional fragrance plug-ins that do nothing but spread chemicals throughout your home. This formula, made with 100% essential oils, blends spearmint, peppermint, lime and tonka bean for a cheerful fragrance that relaxes and clears the mind. Plug it in an outlet near your desk to feel energetic as you work.

Jasmine: The heady, fragrant aroma of jasmine flowers is known to reduce anxiety, encourage optimism and function as an anti-depressant. Dab on a bit of Intelligent Nutrients Jasminas Pure Aromatic fragrance oil and you'll be catching pretty (and optimistic!) whiffs all day. This fragrance is made from jasmine flowers in macadamia nut oil and it's as luxurious as it sounds!