Anti-Aging Cranberries for Your Holiday Table


Quick, name your favorite Thanksgiving side dish.

Mine has always been cranberry sauce— it’s sweet, vibrant, pairs well with everything on your plate, and is incredibly healthy…or so I assumed for many years. Turns out that cranberry sauce pairs well with everything except glowing skin and a slim waistline!

The truth: that innocent-looking cranberry sauce is one of the biggest sugar bombs in your Thanksgiving celebration.

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The First Mass Market Facial Oils: Natural Vs. Conventional...Plus Your Chance to Win One!


Flipping through a fashion mag last week, I saw an ad for new L'Oreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil, billed as The first facial oil*.

The claim seemed a little outrageous, until my eyes found the asterisk on the facing page that further explained *In the current Mass Market (non-Department Stores).

From there I glanced up to my desk, where I'd just set two samples of Seventh Generation's own new mass market facial oils (available in Walgreens). I thought it would be interesting to compare the two L'Oreal and the Seventh Generation products. I found that Seventh Gen's oils give L'Oreal's new oil a run for its money— in more ways than one.

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Would you Try this Facial Workout for an At-Home Facelift?


I've crunched, pumped and bounced along to my share of exercise DVDs, but never have I let my cheeks, jaw and forehead do all the work. That is, until I got my hands on From My Neck Up, a "face and neck exercise program" from LaVie Organique founder Lavinia Borcau.

Here's the lowdown on the workout:

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The App that Helps You Relax


The constant connectivity made possible by our smartphones can be a major source of stress, but there's a growing number of tech tools that actually help us relax and check out of the hectic world around us—if only for a few moments. My new favorite app for deep breathing and stress relief is Breathe2Relax.

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Salma Hayek's Essential Juice Recipe

salma-harpers-bazaar-beauty-juiceCelebs, they're just like us.

They may have a bigger net worth and a massive fan base, but the lives of celebrities are just as busy as ours. Sometimes their 'round-the-world jet-setting means that they're at even greater risk for exhaustion and all the beauty bummers (think undereye bags, dull skin, dryness) that come with.

But it seems like more and more leading ladies are revealing beautifying diets that keep them glowing (with the help of great makeup artists) when jet lag and awards season exhaustion set in. The latest delicious beauty juice comes from Salma Hayek, actress and co-founder of Cooler Cleanse.

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Post Your Beauty Food Pics + Win a BIW Coaching Session



Post your beauty foods pictures on the Beauty Is Wellness Facebook page by 10/31/12. I'll pick ONE entrant to receive a personal beauty and health coaching session valued at $250. For everyone else, there's a major discount!

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Just Breathe...for Beauty

When you fail to take full, relaxing breaths, your body's stress levels rise, making you breathe even shallower, causing you more's an ugly cycle. And I mean that quite literally. Chronic stress takes a major toll on your looks.

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